When I approach unknown territory, I bring with me a known. I stick to the Lord and trust His wisdom.

“…Perhaps the LORD will act in our behalf.”

1 Samuel 14:6 (ESV)

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone, sister? Are you making bold steps with your life as you progress out of the early grief? I want to encourage you to be obedient to the calling God places on this new season in your life.

Every great action in the Bible starts with an idea followed by a hope to win.

But winning isn’t the point. There’s a bit of letting go of the result—a “perhaps”. Every success, from Gates saying “perhaps the world wants an operating system” to Phelp’s mother saying “perhaps I should let my son train for the Olympics” to your husband saying “perhaps that sweet woman might want to have coffee with me”, has an element of risk.

Jonathan accomplished great things simply by being obedient to a calling from God. His father was King Saul—not a very good king because instead of confronting the Philistines (remember Goliath?), Saul hung out with 600 of his best fighters in the hillside. Jonathan didn’t agree with his father’s inaction, but what could he do?

Remember, as son of the king, he was protected by staying with his father among the 600. The Philistines would have to go through all of those soldiers before getting to him. If he decided to fight alone, he’d risk his life.

Isn’t that how some of us are? Comfortable, but with a lingering sense something isn’t right? Hanging out in our own worlds with our girlfriends, career, church or children? Maybe that’s easier than confronting that dating world or a new calling such as a career or ministry?

It’s tempting to stay where you are. It’s what you know, and for the time being, it’s safe.

But Jonathan knew he couldn’t sit. He knew what would happen if no one faced the Philistines. So he left the comfort of the entourage and struck out with his armor bearer to face the enemy.

Maybe you know you need to do a new thing. Maybe God’s telling you, “your surroundings will change–kids will grow up, and I don’t want you to miss the new horizons and new people I might have for your future.”

Enter the “new” obediently, trusting the Lord, Who is your husband and will guide you in every step. When you accept whatever the Lord has for you, you open possibilities for gaining more than you ever expected– You will learn about who you are and make some wonderful new friendships.

When Jonathan stepped out with the right attitude, he and his armor bearer killed twenty Philistines. The rest turned on their heels and ran, all because Jonathan was willing to act on a calling and a “perhaps”.

Who knows what will happen if you go on a calling and a “perhaps”?

Father in Heaven, each woman enters a new calling, knowing the pitfalls and the joys.  Help her know that the insecurities she feels are completely normal and that You have her in the palm of Your Hand.  Help her walk forward with the “perhaps” of a widow’s mite.  Amen.

Kit Hinkle is an author and speaker. She was one of the original writers of A Widow’s Might in 2008, and after four years with that ministry, expanded it and founded A New Season Ministries, Inc. Once the ministry became established, she turned the leadership over to Sheryl Pepple and continues to contribute articles while she focuses on her finest career as a home school mother to four teen boys–one of them launched in college. She has lived through corporate careers as a chemical engineer and a management consultant, but now enjoys walks on the beach with her chocolate lab.  She loves to sit with another who is walking through her tough road and show that woman Christ. It’s an honor to participate in His kingdom.
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  1. Virginia Cradlebaugh
    Virginia Cradlebaugh says:

    I appreciate this article, not because of the unknown territory, but because it is something to consider; what does God want for my life? It is good you stick close to friends that have a different perspective and a sound ear. Women are vulnerable after the loss of their spouse; my Pastor suggested I wait 1 year before making any major decisions. My comment back to him, ” Don’t worry. I’m not going to remarry right away.”
    It is safe to stay single, but I like it that way. Having children adds relational difficulties. I said to the Lord, “There will never be a man like Jerry that accepts my child as his and sticks with you through a tragic accident leaving your child handicap for perhaps life.” I will be open to the fact that God may want another husband for me , but it is more difficult to imagine another step-dad for my daughter. Thank you for the wisdom I’ll keep for future reference.

  2. Liz Anne
    Liz Anne says:

    Again, Kitty, I feel drawn to you and your writing and would love to sit down for coffee some day! Maybe the Lord will allow… I have a group of widows (and one widower) and we meet for coffee and/or dinner a couple times a month and dating is often the topic of discussion. Some of us have and some of us have not. Some feel called to stay single, some are eager to be in a wonderful marriage again. It is totally unchartered territory for many of us, and therefore scary as all get out! I am including myself in this group. Anyway, I appreciate your advice and counsel and will be discussing it at our coffee tomorrow for sure. Very timely for me and our group! Thanks for sharing!

  3. cheryl kennedy
    cheryl kennedy says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I value all the writing that is on your website. I have been widowed for over 12 years and never has anyone broached some of the subject matter on which you have written. I appreciate it. It touches my heart.

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