Why Our Volunteers Do What They Do–Spotlight on Teri

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That worship band.  Where did you get that worship band?

closeup teriWorship is our gift to the Lord.  When we plan a conference, and when we are gathering widows together to lift each other up to the Lord, the music is integral to our hearts merging together before Him.

And Teri gets that. So the effort she exerts putting her best out there for the Lord is what makes our professionalism at our conferences shine.

When I invited Teri to write for us, it was not only because God pointed her to me and left me no doubt that He wanted her here, but because her writing is thoughtful and deep, her walk with the Lord is unwavering, and her professionalism as a speaker and education specialist is unmatched. Just read some of her recent writings:  Arise and Thankful.

So why would I be surprised when God had more in store for our ministry with Teri?  When we held our March retreat I was scratching my head over what to do with worship. “I’ve got it,” was Teri’s answer.  She produced worship for our Ruth retreat that brought the Holy Spirit right there among us.

terisingingAnd Teri didn’t stop there. We proceeded to plan our first conference, and just a few weeks ago, Teri led a large worship band, filled with professionals who have loved performing worship for years.  To have this level of talent right in our team helps the ministry complete our conference planning just for you.

But Teri’s volunteerism to this ministry doesn’t stop there.  She also brings her videography equipment to the conferences to capture our team speaking about the ministry so that we can showcase our discussion with you on our website.  She worked with each team member to get our video bios and arranged editing for website use.

Teri also brings ministry business planning and leadership experience to the table and confers with me many times to help me know how to build a cohesive team.  With her leadership coaching background, she arranges personality assessments so that our entire team can understand each other’s personalities and become even closer as a group of women who not only work together in trust, but love each other.

Keep in mind that Teri does this all while serving on her worship team at church, running a ministry at her church, traveling the country to continue her education consulting work, and running a nonprofit in honor of God and in memory of her husband, Daryl.  Certainly Teri gets what it means to give your gifts back to the Lord.

So why does Teri and why do all of our others writers do this?

Because of you and women like you who need or want to be reminded that God is with us no matter what’s going on in our lives. Life can get tough for anyone. It’s those who find Christ during the tough times that are more able to get up and live life again. Those of us who’ve met Christ have been shown how to climb out of despair.  We want that for all ladies out there who are facing what we’ve been through.

But asking how we do it is a good question.

Just take a look here at all of the different ways our volunteers serve, all while managing households and jobs.

This team was not assembled by me.  They were chosen by the Lord, Who pressed them towards this ministry.  There is no other explanation for a team of women so dedicated and selfless that they work harder and more cohesively than I’ve seen organizations of highly paid workers do. They simply answer the call of our readers — women in distress, the husbandless and fatherless. (James 1:27).

Will You Help?

If you have found this ministry a blessing to you or to women in your life, would you consider letting us know with a small donation of just five dollarsten dollars, or twenty-five dollars?

And if the Lord is calling for you to partner with us through a monthly contribution, consider using our online secure monthly donation page where you can set up your monthly gift with the peace of mind knowing the transactions are handled securely.

Our ministry team has been hard at work; publishing articles, helping our readers publish their guest blog articles, releasing printed paperback devotionals, and holding conferences and retreats.

Help us keep teaching and encouraging women about the joy of living out a walk with Christ in “aNew Season” by prayerfully considering donating to this ministry and encouraging others to do the same. God bless you for reading and joining forces with us!

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  1. Carole Timmons
    Carole Timmons says:

    I am a widow living on a fixed income,live in Lebanon Tn. Am looking for a woman who would like to have company and a home to live in.,I have been widowed 3 yrs.know noone in this area I am disabled but am self sufficient, do not need care just company !!

    • Kit Hinkle
      Kit Hinkle says:

      Carole, I know of a good widow’s ministry that local to the Tennesee area. I will forward your email information to the leader of the ministry. I’m glad you can go online and keep us company. We love having you!

    • Kit Hinkle
      Kit Hinkle says:

      Hi, Donna. We would love your help. I see you have a blog. Perhaps start by submitting a guest blog post. Here’s where you can begin the process!

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