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A Day of Prayer


We all need it. Even your writers! We are widows like you, in varying stages of healing and unique places on our journeys. We thought today we would bring your attention to just a few specific prayers we are praying. Thanks for joining us in praying for our ministry today.

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Katie, Erika, Lori, Linda, Kit, Sheryl, Bonnie (top row)

Sherry, Jill, Karen, Teri, Ami, Elizabeth, Liz Anne (bottom row)


  • Today we celebrate with one of our writers who is GETTING MARRIED! We are so thrilled for our Katie who is blending two families into one today. Pray for her marriage to point to Christ in every way. We pray the transition into this new blend will be beautiful and God-honoring.
  • We pray for several of our writers who are selling homes, moving, packing boxes, or downsizing. It is easy to become impatient with God’s timing that doesn’t match our own. Pray for the attitudes of all involved, from in-laws to children to step-children to our writers, to bring glory to God. Pray that God’s strength will be evident to all around us.
  • Several of our writers have children at home. We pray for continued trust in a faithful God that is evident through all our decisions and parenting dilemmas. Pray for a balance between allowing these children to spread their wings and keeping the wings clipped when necessary! Some are beginning to experience an empty nest so prayers for our children to draw near to God on their own.
  • Pray for unified hearts in ministry. We have every different personality type you can imagine! We are solely a ministry to bring glory to God in our healing, and Satan would like nothing more than to destroy all ministries. Pray protection from distractions, relief from writer’s block, and hearts knit together in a common goal.
  • Pray for our writers who are heavily involved in other ministries in their local churches. These ladies lead women to a deeper faith and lead ministries to widows/widowers. Pray for humble hearts and creativity in teaching.
  • Pray for the finances of our writers. Some work full time and some are needing to look for work. Pray for wisdom and guidance from our Creator, who loves us and knows us better than we know ourselves, as we make decisions. Many of these decisions affect our children directly and other decisions completely change our time available to minister. Pray we keep our eyes on the Father and not on our circumstances.
  • Pray against discouragement and loneliness in our journey. We are often weary of this journey without our spouses and we can lose heart easily. Pray for our writers to guard our hearts and only allow Truth from Scripture to guide us, not our emotions.

Thank you for joining us on this Day of Prayer. We would love to hear from you so comment here on our website with your prayer for this ministry or to just let us know you prayed along with us today. We are only strong because of God’s strength in us. This week we have explored this strength. You can read about it here.


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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    Three and one half year of not having my husband with me has been very hard. Your posts have been more of a blessing than I can put into words! I am and have been praying for the the peace of the Lord for all. Peace of the Lord be with all! Amen

    • Elizabeth Dyer
      Elizabeth Dyer says:

      Linda, thanks so much for letting us know. We count it a great and honored privilege to share truth with widows around the world. Thanks for your prayers. We appreciate it so much. ~Elizabeth

  2. Margie McKenna
    Margie McKenna says:

    Lots hear our prayers for the women of Widow’s Might. Bring Your truth to all who seek You, let us walk in Your truth and know You have won the battle for us. Thank you for Your guidance and blessings. All praise and glory to our Heavenly Father. In Jesus ‘ name, Amen

  3. Janet Robinett
    Janet Robinett says:

    What an honor and privilege it is to pray for one another. This request, illustrates one of the reasons I am so blessed by this ministry and this group of women. In the transparency that is so often shown here, I, for one have been so blessed by this group of ladies! I am definitely praying for the Lord to place His loving and capable hands upon each one of you in each specific area of need. And that just as the body has different functions, that each of you will fulfill the specific tasks within this precious ministry in a way that glorifies God and blesses each of you walking this journey in His strength. Thanks for being faithful!

    • Elizabeth Dyer
      Elizabeth Dyer says:

      Oh, Thank you so so much for your words and prayers today, Janet. We want to continue to comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received from Scripture.

  4. Mary Stubblefield
    Mary Stubblefield says:

    Congratulations to Katie very happy for you may God forever Bless your new union & blended family… ! 🙂

    God Bless all the other writers & members of this special group ministry of Widows may we All keep & draw nearer and closer to God as we walk this new journey of Widowhood without our beloved leaning & waiting on HIM to place another God fearing loving man in our lives if it’s HIS will, plan and path for our future…

    I’m very Thankful for this group ministry because it’s a place where I come & look forward to reading the experiences of other women who are & have going through same feelings as I am and getting encouragement from the stories shared…

    • Elizabeth Dyer
      Elizabeth Dyer says:

      Mary, thank you so much for encouraging us today! We love to hear from our readers! Thanks for your prayers today.

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Hello Mary, Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share your lovely thoughts. And thank you for the congratulations! It has been quite the transition, I must admit. We are still in the full throws of transition but I do believe that God’s hand is all over in this. It had to be for me!
      But you are so right, all things are best when they occur in God’s perfect timing. We each share the bond of grief but our journeys are so very different. So I, like you, have benefited from learning from so many different widows. I am very blessed to be a part of the team! I pray that God provides you the patience and wisdom each day of your own personal journey, that He makes His path clear to you and His will your heart’s desire!

    • Elizabeth Dyer
      Elizabeth Dyer says:

      Thanks for the prayers, hugs, and love, FlowerLadY! We appreciate your taking the time to pray for us.

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