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Falling into Friendship God’s Way

Over the years I’ve watched a lot of convocation and valedictorian speeches.  They’re usually focused on endings and beginnings.

This year something struck me. I kept hearing the speakers use the phrase “a new season”.

“As these graduates step into a new season in life,” one speaker says.  “This is the beginning of a new season,” another says.

These graduates are all celebrating new seasons!  But what about a different type of new season?

Sisters, just because you are not eighteen, doesn’t mean you can’t begin aNew.

So don’t ho-hum those valedictorian and convocation speeches—let them speak wisdom into your new season!  You can be like that graduate with new beginnings!  Just think of this time in your life like the beginning of college. Whether you’ve started aNew after loss or are simply beginning aNew career with your kids becoming more independent, you are now at a crossroads where God can redefine you!

It’s with that heart that I listened as one speaker talked about the importance of the first three weeks of college.  Many college students meet most of their social network within the first few weeks of college.

Think about it—something as critical as whom you hang out with for the coming four years of college and many years beyond! And college students many times let that decision happen incidentally within a few short weeks in the beginning of their freshman year!

Imagine the social patterns that get decided based on friendships—drinking or not drinking, sexual promiscuity or purity, slacker or studiousness, stubbornness or faithfulness to God—all hugely dependent on whom you choose to hang with in those first weeks.  It’s our nature to get comfortable with a crowd and a lot of work to cultivate a new set of friends.

But remember what Solomon tells us in Proverbs. “He who walks with wise men will be wise, 
But the companion of fools will be destroyed.” Proverbs 13:20

I’m so grateful for the companions God has placed for me in this ministry.  The writers on this team are like-minded in their determination to walk with Christ and never stray from His path.

That didn’t happen by accident.  As we grew our team, we intentionally prayed about each volunteer that joined our team, seeking God’s wisdom and letting Him decide whom we are hanging with.

It’s making our team more than a group of colleagues—we are bonded.  We joke constantly with each other, fellowship with each other, share our tears and our fears and our hopes and dreams and frustrations.

There is nothing like having true believing sojourners along on the road with you when your trekking into new territory.

Seek out and build the right friendships, sisters.  It’s YOUR new season—don’t let the friends you let join in be just incidental friendships—intentionally ask God to pick them for you!

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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for this reminder. Intentionally ask God to choose my friends. I love that idea. Thanks, Kit.

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