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Letting Go of a Dream

 I Chronicles 28:2-3 NIV

“I had it in my heart to build a house as a place of rest for the ark…And I made plans to build it.  But God said, “You are not to build a house…”

“You mean, I won’t be the one, Lord?”

“No, David.  You won’t.  You followed Me, you have a heart for Me, but this is not going to happen during your lifetime.”

“But I dreamed of it!  I planned it!  I wanted this to be my ultimate gift to You, Lord.”

“No, David.  I have a different plan. I am going to hand the dream over to your son, Solomon.  He is the man who will see the temple completed.”

My dreams.  My plans.  All gone. This time I thought Yahweh and I were working pretty closely together.

I was drawing some amazing plans for a permanent home for the Ark of the Covenant. It was just so wrong for me to live in comfort when the Lord’s property was sitting in a tent.  I would wake up in the middle of the night with new and exciting ideas to include in the plan.  I talked to God often about it.  I planned every tiny detail – the courts, the treasuries, the job descriptions of the workers, even down to the weight of the gold and silver lampstands!  God’s hand was on me as He enabled me to understand all these details.  We had some great plans! And He helped me MAKE the plans.

So when I was in prayer and meditation recently, I was so surprised what Yahweh shared with me.  Who knows why I was even given the privilege of being the King over these people anyway.  I was such a lowly shepherd boy from the tribe of Judah –  of no real significance.  My brothers were so much finer than I!  Who can know the mind of God?  But this was so much more difficult for me to accept.  God and I had been through so much together – Battles.  Near-death experiences.  Sin. King Saul. I wanted so much to build this temple for God as a way of showing my appreciation and love and respect.

But God said my son Solomon, of all my sons, would be on the throne and would be making MY dream a reality.  My dream.

How do you handle your dreams being ripped from your hands?  During the dark hours of the night, do you struggle with the loss of your dreams?  I had every right to this dream.  Do you know what I mean?  Do you ever feel like your right to your dream was smashed?  I know the feeling.  How do you let go of the past dreams and anticipate God’s work in the future with a renewed trust in Him?

Widows have a lot of opportunities to let go of dreams, right?  You had to let go of future dreams, dreams with your spouse, dreams of growing old together, dreams of watching your kids grow up.  Lots and lots of dreams.  How do we let them go?  How do we release our past to God and anticipate our new future with trust in Him?

They were good plans.  They were plans you made in prayer with God’s guidance. But they weren’t meant to be.

When our dreams have to be released, we are given the opportunity to grow in our faith.  When life doesn’t make sense, we are given the opportunity to trust in our Creator more than ever in our lives.  King David went on, in this chapter of 1 Chronicles 28, to tell all the Israelites what God had done in the past, how He had chosen the tribe of Judah specifically, and then handed over the “blueprints” to his son Solomon.  He challenged Solomon to follow whole-heartedly, and told the entire gathering of Israelites that God had CHOSEN Solomon to fulfill King David’s dream temple.


Let’s learn from King David’s example in this passage that our dreams, no matter how wonderful and godly they are, sometimes are given to another person to carry out or are just released into the atmosphere.  How we respond determines how we will grow.

Father God, You were instrumental in so much of our dreams.  You created the desire in us for these dreams.  Help us release our past and accept the future, as we trust You like never before.  Amen