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Eternal God ~ El Olam

When one is told death’s arrival is imminent, the mind tends to race.

In our case, we had two years to navigate this slow dance with death’s approach.  It was a gorgeous kind of heartbreaking; the meandering of our thoughts as he tried to absorb a glimpse of what eternity with God would really be like and I tried to imagine what life here without my husband would entail.  Both of us on our own individual journeys; yet bound together by our love for each other and our devotion to God.

Eternal God, oh how we cried out to Him for comfort.  And we found it, right in His holy name.  El Olam.

Side by side, we scoured our Bible for truth.  So many Scriptures contain promises to God’s people.  We spent hours reading theological studies of heaven.  We lay awake until the early morning light discussing the goodness of our Savior, even in the midst of horrendous suffering.

His faithfulness surrounded us and ministered sweetly to our souls.  Our eyes were opened to a truth so simple, yet so easily overlooked in today’s popular (yet twisted) prosperity gospel.

God’s promises are for eternity, for He is the Eternal God.

This life is but a vapor.  How quickly we tend to forget.  Our time here is temporary.  For Christians, the prosperity to be assured of comes once we are home with Jesus in the presence of the Everlasting Father.

“The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms” (Deuteronomy 33:27 NET)

Though separated by physical death, we remain united with Eternal God as our refuge.  Tim, in the very presence of God Almighty realizing the power of His holy name; myself cradled with my grief, left here for a while longer, yet upheld by His everlasting arms.

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