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Announcing aNew Season Blessings Fund

Just in time for registration for our summer camp to be open soon, aNew Season Ministries is announcing aNew Season Blessing Fund.  Our way of helping those ladies who are having financial trouble along with their grief journeys.

It started with a precious widow last year (we will call her Marie) who had trouble gathering the funds to come to our conference.

We gathered up a few of the smaller contributions some of our readers had made and offered it to Marie as a way to lower the cost of registration.  She was thrilled, and raised the rest of the funds.  We did the same for a few more, and all were thrilled to come.

Her experience last November was life changing.  Soon after, Marie emailed us wanting to turn the blessing she had been given around and give it to another hurting widow so she could come.  Here is what she said, “The conference made a huge difference in my walk as a widow. Please thank whoever gave me that $100 donation.  Since my experience blessed me far more than the $100 gift, I now want to pay that gift forward to another widow, so she too can experience what I did.”

And so her gift was just used to send Sandra (name changed for privacy), another hurting widow to our Dallas conference.

Sandra had just lost her husband a few weeks before and was left with no life insurance.  To say she was marked by her experience in Dallas is an understatement!

Our Blessings Fund helps us sustain our grassroots effort!

Our ministry is built on a grass roots passion for women who have been left husbandless.

Our team of Christ-based missionaries understands the widow like no church leader can, because we are widows. We understand the needs of a widow might be financial and physical. But, we know there is always the emotional and spiritual walk of tender mercy that’s much more important.

Our ministry team works dedicated hours with sacrificial hearts. We give our time and finances to speak at conferences and minister personally.  For our attendants, it’s not just the knowledge and wisdom they are gaining by attending and hearing us.  It’s the immersion in the experience; spending a few days with so many women who just get it.  Who not only get what it’s like to lose your husband, but get how important it is to turn to Christ during this season.

Because the Christ-centered experiences at these events are life changing.

Not only do we shine the light of Christ, lift a widow from the depth of her sorrow, and help her heart sing for joy (Job 29:13) ; but we do so with an amazingly well-arranged environment.

The music is heartfelt and soul quenching.  The speakers are dynamic and each have plenty of energy and time in the conference schedule to personally minister and love on the participants.  The fellowship begins at registration and it continues well after the conference.  We have women who attended a conference almost a year ago still talking within the same online groups, and continuing to visit each other and travel together.

The connections made are for a lifetime.

Would you like to apply for a scholarship to come to an event?

Registrations for our July Summer Camp are opening soon.  We’ve already had some individuals step up to help sponsor widows.  Click here for our ℠ Blessing Fund Application” href=””>scholarship application page.

We pray this will help you as a reader get to a conference you couldn’t get to before. What a way each of us to enjoy giving or receiving blessings.


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  1. LORI
    LORI says:

    I too lost my husband a year ago to cancer. We had teo weeks from diagnosisto his death. We had no insurance and just bought a house. We were high school sweethearts that broke up after 2 1/2 years and went our seperate ways. 30 years later we reunited and life was perfect. So we thought. I miss him everyday and not sure if it will ever stop hurting. He left behind so much and I work 3 jobs to keep my home. I love our home. God bless.

    • Kit Hinkle
      Kit Hinkle says:

      At this time, Candy, the ministry is not designated with a 501C3, so your donation, if not made through a business or organization which is advertising on our website, is a private non-tax deductible donation.

  2. Barbara Parker
    Barbara Parker says:

    I am a widow…with financial struggles…God says He will keep the widows home….I stand on that scripture everyday. He is my provider my safety net. God I miss my husband…

    • Kit Hinkle
      Kit Hinkle says:

      I know you do, Barbara. Having financial struggles on top of missing him is really hard. God bless you.

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