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Our Autumn Devotional

If you haven’t yet put our daily devotional on your nightstand, you may not know how encouraging it is to be able to reach over late at night and grab hold of our support when you need it.

But, don’t take our word on it. Read what those who have purchased the devotional had to say on their Amazon reviews. Then go here to order your copy of the Autumn devotion before September starts, and let the daily comfort begin.

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Here is what our readers have to say:

“Five Stars-  The best wisdom for hurting spouses. Love both these books, Autumn, and Summer Edition, they are a true blessing!!!”

“This has been extremely helpful in my new season of life. A big thank you to the writers!”

“A great devotional. I am using it every day.”

“What a Godsend! I get the daily blog posts by email and they have made my grief journey so much lighter. When I saw the girls had put together a book, I ordered 2 copies so I could share one with other widows at my church. What a Godsend!”

“Good inspiration-  As there is no ‘cookie-cutter’ scenario in being a widow, this book meets the needs of the readers very well with the authors being in varied situations themselves. Good inspiration.”

Best book I have found! This book as been one of the most “hope-filled” I have found. After losing a spouse, there are so many emotions, feelings and new responsibilities that it can be overwhelming. Every devotion is written by a widow telling us how she survived her first days, months and years. That hope is just the encouragement I need to face each new day. For the Love of HER Life has helped me so much, I have ordered numerous copies to share with other widows.”

“LOVE IT!!! I loved this book. I looked forward to reading it everyday. Every devotional touched my heart and encouraged me.”

“Such An Encouragement! Wonderful articles of encouragement for widows who are struggling. Would recommend it to anyone!”

“It has been the greatest blessing in my life- I was deep into fresh grief when some kind soul, (I don’t remember who it is), forwarded the site: “A Widows Might.” I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the appreciation I feel. It has been the greatest blessing in my life, outside of the word of God. Women who have “been there, done that” honestly sharing the whole truth, including the agonies. An absolute Rock to my soul, reminding me that God is able even when I couldn’t believe it possible to go on. Don’t leave home without it, and when home, find strength and compassion in these pages. What a blessing to me! Thank You, Lord, for these women.”

“It is a good book to have in your widow reading material. This book is helpful because it was written by widows. Not every thing in it will apply to all, but for the most part it has someone in it for all widows… It is a good book to have in your widow reading material. Something will help you or be helpful to pass along as God steers you to others going through the grief journey.”

“So thankful for this faith-based resource for widows. None of us choose this journey but having words of comfort for each day makes the journey a little easier.”

“A book by those who truly understand! This is a wonderful book for those walking the grief journey or even for those who know someone who is and want to better understand the journey. Each of these devotions are written by women who have been there. They understand the crazy mix of emotions that comes with widowhood. The words they write will comfort, encourage, inspire, and help you know that others understand. It makes a great book for churches and counselors to have on hand for new widows!”

Ladies, our ministry is “grass roots”. It is fed and developed by women who love the Lord and walk a “trust-walk” with Him through volunteering.  This devotional was created and made available to you by this team.  Please prayerfully consider supporting us and purchasing your copy today.