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Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

                                                                                           Isaiah 60: 1 ESV

I used to do something that I called, “alphabeting God”. I actually picked the idea up from a pastor friend of mine, who recited one of his alphabet praises to God as part of a sermon one Sunday, many years ago.

I have not thought of this idea in a long time, even though it became a way for me to communicate with God in my quiet times back then, until our recent aNew Season Widows Retreat in Myrtle Beach.

As I taught and interacted with the ladies at the conference and helped lead worship, I was reminded of the power of one word describing God in so many ways.

He is Awesome, Beautiful, Caring, Dependable, Everlasting, Father, Gracious….You get the idea. “Alphabeting God” is a way of singing His wonder and praises.

Watching the sisters, who attended our retreat, inspired me. So many broken but healing widows led me to places that I had not been in a while, on my own grief journey. I remember the days when all I could do was breathe and anything after that was just bonus effort. I remember the deafening silence and loneliness that ravaged me.

“It will get better.” I remember people saying that and not believing it. But, it will! Why, because God is faithful and He has not forgotten you! You are still loved and special and chosen, by the maker of the universe. He ADORES you!

Being in such a beautiful location and watching all of the participants on their own road to healing, sharing with others around them and making new bonds, with sisters who get it, reminded me that God is an:


He is Honorable, Indescribable, Just, King, Lover of my soul, Majestic, Nobility, Warrior, eXalted, Yearning for you, Zion’s redeemer and He has been waiting for you.
Run to Him.

Fall into Him.

Love Him.

Give Him yourself; completely.

He will help you ARISE.
He will trade beauty for ashes and mourning for joy.


Refresh us as we try to live, and move, and breathe. Comfort us and help us arise and be renewed through You. In Jesus name, Amen