I will not forget you. Isaiah 49:15 (Amplified)

There was no paper handy and I really needed to remember that phone number – so, I grabbed the handiest writing instrument and wrote it on the palm of my hand. Well, the instrument that I grabbed happened to be a black permanent marker; and traces of that phone number were visible for several days! That number was not likely to be forgotten!

There’s a word that comes to our minds frequently doesn’t it –“ forgotten”? After the phone calls and the cards stop coming, we begin to feel forgotten. And as time goes on, there are days we wonder if God has forgotten us as well. These are normal feelings, and I will admit to experiencing them at times. It is difficult to feel loved and “remembered” when the one person who always reinforced our existence is no longer with us. No matter what was going on in our lives, we always knew there was that one “special” person who loved us and always “remembered” us. I miss that, and I know you do as well.

But, dear sisters, are we really forgotten?  There is ONE who thinks of us constantly! This is what He says to us in Isaiah 49:15-16: I will not forget you! Behold, I have indelibly imprinted (tattooed a picture of) YOU on the palm of each of My hands. (Amplified)

After much scrubbing for two or three days, that black permanent marker eventually faded from my hand. But God says He has permanently imprinted a picture of us on the palm of His hands – there forever, indelible – a picture of you – and me. He is telling us He has a picture of us before Him at all times – it can’t be scrubbed away. No grief, fear, loneliness, or anxiety can remove our picture from His hands! We are ever before Him.

Yes, He knows our loneliness, and how difficult these times are. And so many, many years ago through His prophet Isaiah He gave us an incredible picture of how He remembers us daily. It is a message of love and comfort sent to hurting hearts like yours and mine, as we travel through these days. Truly it is a message of His love and care.

I urge you today to grab hold of that message – see yourself indelibly imprinted on the palm of God’s hands – and be at peace, knowing you are so very loved by Him.

Dear Father, sometimes we feel so very lonely and forgotten. When these feelings overtake us, please remind us of our picture carved on the palms of Your hands.