The 2000 Census revealed that 32% of women aged 55 and older in the US are widows. The National Mental Health Association reported that in 2002, over 800,000 people experienced widowhood in the US. All of these people are facing a daunting journey and our ministry seeks to reach them and give them Hope. Not found in man; but a Hope found in Jesus Christ.

What a Gift to aNew Season Ministries Will Do:
• Fulfill God’s Command to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). This ministry leads readers to the Cross and introduces them to the Savior.
• Allow this ministry to continue to teach readers how to grieve with Hope, that is found only in Jesus Christ.
• Enable this ministry to walk alongside women who are grieving the loss of their husband and to see that God still has a purpose for their life. He has a desire to heal their hurt and wants them to live victoriously in Him.