Here’s a list of just some of the volunteer work our team members do…

Just consider for a moment…

  • how Erika manages our schedule and keeps the team prompt in their postings, many time staying awake to wee hours of the morning to make sure the readers have consistently published articles and posts in the morning.
  • And each writer not only writes their own posts, but carefully edits their own work and then double-checks the work of their peers so that every work is reviewed twice before posting, not just for grammar and style, but mostly for spiritual integrity.
  • How Elizabeth carefully assembles the published articles from our website into devotional books so that women who can’t access the Internet are still blessed by this ministry.
  • How Liz and Sheryl carefully attend to every detail of the conferences and retreats.
  • How Jill watches Twitter and Pinterest and Facebook every day, making sure that our social media isn’t just a repeat of what’s on our blog, but personal and responsive to those wanting to hear from us.
  • How Karen, Linda and Ami carefully watch over the readers, making sure that anyone with prayer requests don’t slip under our radar, and anyone who is wanting to publish their own works here on the website can get the personal attention a guest blogger deserves.
  • How Sherry plans strategy to reach out and touch every organization she can to have them tell ladies this ministry is available.
  • How Teri plans all of our worship and production needs of our events.  You just wait until you see the incredible worship team she has arranged for our November Conference.  And on top of worship, Teri uses her gift in leadership coaching to advise and mentor those of us on the team who work full time at this effort at no pay at all—keeping our spirits high, and keeping our eyes on Christ so that we work well together, putting others first at all times.
  • How Lori spends evenings building encouraging photos and pictures and quotations into facebook and Pinterest posts that will speak to your heart each morning on aNew Day for months to come. And how Sheryl canvases each of our volunteer procedures and carefully documents them so that we can grow our ministry and continue to run like clockwork.
  • How Bonnie organizes the communications with our sponsors and within our team, making sure everyone is kept up to date on our ministry.