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The Valley of the Shadow

    The valley of the shadow… What is it? I used to believe it referred to fear of facing terminal illness, or fearing death itself. And it still might mean that to some. But I now realize it can also mean walking through the shadow of death as one left behind. How to describe […]

One Promise From Scripture

One promise from Scripture, found in Isaiah 54:4-8.     Three widows, encouraged by the promise of the One.   Only six months after my husband’s death I learned that a former classmate’s daughter lost her husband of three months. She asked if I would meet with her daughter to counsel her; so I agreed. […]

It’s Okay To Be Real!

“It’s okay to be real!” I repeated that phrase multiple times after my husband died — to my children, to myself, and later to other widows. There is no “right” way to grieve. We all process differently. Some people are private. Some spill every thought and emotion for all to see. I was a new […]

Always of Good Courage – Day 1,826

Always of good courage 1,826 days since my husband took his final breath.   Please indulge me as I take time to ponder. How would he see us on this five year anniversary? There are certain things I know without a doubt. You may recognize some of them in your own circumstance. He would be: […]

God Writes My Story

“So how did your husband die?” This question can be a real conversation stopper for some widows. I have been learning this lesson for the past five years. The final moments of one chapter of my story and the beginning of the next have changed my perspective dramatically. Only God really knows our whole story, […]

Will We Choose Misery or Ministry?

No one would willingly choose this widow path we have been assigned to walk. It is a painful, definitive part of our whole journey, no matter what the future holds. In an instant every choice we had about the direction of life with our husband was taken out of our grasp; however, we do still have at least […]