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What Shall We Do?

“Teacher, what shall we do?”- Luke 3:12 (ESV) What a great question! Countless times I have asked this very same question. While my husband was alive, he and I made up a happy we. I know I have changed since my beloved died, and I wistfully recall the pre-widow me. Although fundamentally me, I am not the same. Some changes […]

The Greater Choice, Based on the Greater Truth

“The Lord is good.” Psalm 100:5 (ESV) Did the deluge of choices begin immediately for you? For me they began at the hospital. What do I do now? Do I go home? Can I trust myself to drive? These were the first of many choices I didn’t want to face.  Even though my husband had been battling metastatic […]

Something More

We are blessed to introduce our newest ministry team member, Janene Gaynor. Janene lives in the Dallas area, surrounded by her three children, their sweethearts, two grandchildren, and a host of wonderful friends.  Janene married her beloved Frank in 1972 and enjoyed 40 precious years with him. Four months after celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, Frank lost […]