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We are so excited about how fast our readership is growing to reach more and more individuals for Christ!  With over fifteen writers who stay dedicated to writing for aNew Season and A Widow’s might, we are already reaching 100,000  women who will easily see your ad and relate to your particular product or service branding.

Naturally we want to have sponsors for our online community.  We provide full time management and upkeep of the blog, constant interaction with readers, planning for retreats and online support tools, and training for facilitated focus groups.  But while maintaining the community by bringing in resources is something we think about often, the financial resources take a back seat to the needs of our readers. Any advertising or sponsorship that can be intrepeted as anything but a complete solid fit with the needs of our reader base would contradict our hearts for nurturing our readers in an integrity walk with Christ.

For that reason we’re committed to taking our time to review each and every product and service and allow only the ones we can absolutely claim we love to sponsor us.

If you are looking to advertise with us, take the time to find out what we’re about.  Is your organization the kind that fits the character of our organization?  We’re talking the kind of integrity that puts ministering to those who need the Lord ahead of any other agenda.  Perhaps you’re an author with the kind of book or online ministry that would help our readers. If so, learn more about our process of reviewing your resource and what the sponsorship fees and opportunities would be.

You may have another service or product that fits with our readers and makes a clear statement that God is completely in your business.  If so, check with us and see what opportunities we have to offer.  aNew Season depends on sponsorship to allow us to continue serving our readers, and we do so only if the sponsorship benefits your organization as well.

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