We are so excited to have you take this step!

You have a story to tell.  If you have walked with Christ and He has brought you through struggles and into a renewed life, you have probably already started to share your story with others, whether through speaking or writing, or simply over a cup of coffee. If you’ve ever wanted to publish that story–here is your chance!

There are a few things we’d like you to do before submitting a guest post for possible publication.  They will help you understand our ministry and what we are accomplishing with each and every story that gets published!  Prayerfully go through these steps, and I promise you, your writing will hit the mark with our readers.  Writing with purpose brings so much fulfillment, and we want to make sure every guest blogger has the best experience possible with our ministry!

First, take some time to get to know what we’re about.  It will make your submission more likely to hit the mark with our readers, and we’re all about wanting this to be a successful endeavor for you and our readers!  If you haven’t already, take the time to read through each of the pages in the About Us section of our website.  It will help you understand our beliefs, our approach, and our heart for our readers..

Second, read through our specifications for an article to make sure you know what to expect. The following are our specifications:

Short – Keep your submission to less than 600 words.  It’s hard to trim down when you have so much to say.  Pray and let the Holy Spirit guide you on what readers need to hear, and perhaps what might be adding too much detail that takes away from the main point of your article. Then, consider whether you have one or more-than-one main point.  If you have more than one, then chances are, your article might be split into two posts, both with more clarity in presentation.

Scripture – Make sure you have a scripture verse somewhere referenced in your post, and that the main point of your article relates back to scripture, and specifically, to this verse.

Grabber – Begin your article with something that grabs the readers attention. Read through other posts for some ideas here, but remember that if the first couple of sentences don’t grab a reader, she most likely won’t take the time to read the rest.

Paragraphs – Keep paragraphs short–two to three sentences at the most.

Structure – Consider a structure to your piece – a bulletined list of points, sometimes an analogy woven throughout and clearly highlighted with each paragraph having a boldfaced key word to start off with. Anything to help the reader know where you are in your thought process.

Finish and title – Sometimes finishing an article with a simple few words that speak volumes about what you’re trying to say pulls the whole article together.  When that happens we call it a “clincher”.  That clincher can sometimes also be a good title for your piece.

Prayer – Feel free to add a prayer to wrap up your article.  We all need to turn our attention to the Lord, and encouraging others through prayer is a great way to wrap up a post.

Third, make sure you are submitting only original work to us.  You don’t need to already have a blog, but we’re thrilled if you do.  We just ask that you submit articles only if you haven’t published them anywhere else.  We try to make sure that all of our content on this website is completely fresh and unique, and aren’t replicated on other blogs.

Fourth, Print out the contributor release found here on our website, sign it, and email it to admin@anewseason.net.

Fifth, write your post using the specified guidelines and then email the word document to admin@anewseason.net.

Thank you again.  Bless you!

The team from A Widow’s Might, Inc.

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