We want you to think of our website as a way to get away on a virtual retreat.  Because that’s what our writers and readers have been doing; fellowshipping online with each other for years, creating a safe place where we share and grow deeper with God.


How A New Season Ministries, Inc. began…  New Life out of the Ashes of Loss

In 2012 Kit Hinkle, Nancy Howell, Leah Stirewalt, Danita Hiles, and Julie Wright noticed something remarkable after reflecting on writing devotionals for women who experienced loss through online Christian ministries.  They noticed that more and more women were asking to go deeper and beyond the initial healing.

The desire for spiritual depth was no less than the hunger that spurs on a revival. Women healing from tough situations in life were needing a place to go for the kind of Godly wisdom and inspiration that would celebrate new seasons that arise out of their struggles.

The teams’ hearts went out to these women because they had experienced these kinds of struggles.

In fact, everyone experiences times of grief or suffering, and the hunger for spiritual truth that comes during these times needs to be filled.

But what about the season that follows?

That’s when Kit saw God was leading this team into a ministry for celebrating a new season—a season where God can do a brand new work in the heart.

It was then that Kit Hinkle became the ministry lead for aNew Season and A Widow’s Might.

Kit Hinkle

This ministry believes women want to be ministered to in unique ways that no longer emphasize the loss, but brings all glory to God, teaching instead how to use restored purpose for God’s glory!

A Widow’s Might has been encouraging women through loss since 2009 and now gathers women together through retreats and conferences.  aNew Season has devotional blogs with specific purposes, one which leads women through the throws of their difficulty (A Widow’s Might), another (aNew Season) for women stepping out from tough circumstances into a sense of believing they won’t always have their lives defined by their grief, and God’s healing will bring them into celebration with others!


This ministry wants to inspire women to not just draw near to the Lord in a season of struggle, but seek Him as they step out of grief, and move forward to the next season!