You can see hope in a woman’s demeanor.  She has shed the chains of fear and anxiety and she’s welcoming the future.

woman at peace

And you can feel it in her conversation. That’s why you feel the smiles in the heart of each of our online writers–no matter what difficulties she has had to endure or still endure in her life.  The smile still shows up, because it’s the smile of Hope.

Every woman has a different background. Some have gone to church, some have not. We get that, and choose to open the door to you, regardless of your past circumstances. We’re about your growth and healing and believe that both must come from a personal relationship with Jesus.

He is our only true hope. Church is not our salvation. Neither is being a good person. We are given the gift of eternal life because of how much God loves us, not because of what we can do.

Each of us on our team knows what it’s like to stumble or completely mess up in life. Just ask us—we’ll tell you.  Each of us has had life circumstances hurt us so badly that we begin to wonder: Is it something I did?  Deep down, we know we’re not perfect, but the condemnation we sometimes feel can prevent us from the complete and miraculous healing that should be ours through Him.

We alone can’t save ourselves—only God can. And He is so merciful that He offers His precious gift of salvation to each of us if we’re willing to accept it. He gives us true freedom from our past sins because of what Jesus chose to sacrifice for our sake.

Jesus was God in the flesh, so He never was consumed by selfishness or pride like we are. He lived a perfect life, and then, out of His incredible love for us, He took on the burden of our sin—carrying the weight of all the punishment that we deserved.

That’s what the cross is about.  It’s not just about a good man, martyred for his faith.  It’s bigger than that.  It’s like being rescued from drowning by someone willing to dive in and take your place.

(spoiler alert) Remember that scene from Titanic, when Jack drops down into the icy Atlantic waters, knowing it would kill him? He dies so that Rose could live.  The idea of someone dying so that another can live shows up in movie after movie.  The storyline always draws us because of what it touches so powerfully deep within.

We know that story well because it’s what draws us to Jesus.  He loves you so much that He took what you and I deserve upon Himself so that we can be free to live our lives out in joy, and then live for all eternity with Him.

That drawing close to Jesus is our joy. There is only one way for us to be saved, and that’s through His dying for us.

God’s promises are true: All we need to do is believe in Him, and we will be saved. When we pray and ask Him in to our hearts, He saves us. We pray by saying, “I know I’ve sinned.  I’ve hurt others, and I can’t seem to be what I should be.  I’m sorry, God, and I admit I need you. I surrender my will to Yours, and I will trust You and walk with You.”

Once you do that, you are His forever, and no one can steal that salvation from you. But, the promise doesn’t end there. Once you have salvation, you can build joy in your new season of life, now in relationship with Him, and with a community of all of us who also endeavor to walk with Him.

Our lives begin anew right now. And, our prayer is that if you have just begun this walk, either as a new believer, or as someone who has renewed her hope in Christ, that you’ll let us know by emailing us here.

stock-photo-beautiful-girl-enjoying-the-freshness-131484164Blessings to you.