What is aNew Season?

According to Webster, “anew” means in a new and different form. How many of us in life have found ourselves made completely anew, not only in Christ, but by the refining fire of some circumstance? That’s the story of aNew Season. Maybe it’s your story too, and you’d like to share it. That’s what the blogs are for.

The blog that reaches all of us is the aNew Season Blog itself. Consider this blog the gathering place for all of us, no matter which circumstance might have brought you to this new place. It’s a place of promise—from the struggling days of grieving a loss or accepting a divorce or pining over a phase of our lives now over—to a celebration of building something new with our lives. Here you’ll hear from other women who are ready to share with you their victories of life, or how to apply their new relationship with Christ to their everyday lives.

Not all of us have overcome our season of struggle just yet, and that is why aNew Season has specialized blogs for specific circumstances of grieving or difficulties.

A Widow’s Might is our established blog, which ministers so well for those of us who have lost our husbands. Twelve team writers take their turns of ministering to you. Each one are within years of losing their husbands and understand that bumpy road of experiencing healing one moment, and then suddenly getting hit by yet another wave of grief the next. Each has had their victories, and are well on their way to aNew Season themselves.

New blog ministries will join us as well, as writers are already gathering to submit guest blog posts on the topics of divorce, loss of a child, empty nesters, and unwanted pregnancies. Perhaps you have a story to tell in these areas. If so, fill out our invitation to become a guest blogger and partner with us!

How does A Widows Might and the other blogs on the website fit with A New Season?

A Widow’s Might is a specific part of our online community that ministers to those ladies going through the journey of grief. Many of our encouragements focus on giving the widow permission to grieve, but also showing her the hope for a new season in her life, free from the chains of grief.

A Widow’s Might works in cooperation with aNew Season blog in that as a widow completes much of her grieving, she will also want to read aNew Season, and find ongoing inspiration from women who have found a life-changing way to move forward in Him.

What an inspiration it is for readers to know that when they are ready to move forward into their new season, a larger ministry awaits them, ready to encourage them to keep looking up and moving forward.

Why have the two women’s ministry blogs aNew Season and A Widow’s Might, separate, but on the same ministry website?

We have both ministries here to send a message–there is a new season ahead for each widow–one where loss and grieving doesn’t predominate their thoughts and lives.  By ministering through both blogs right on the same website, we offer hope to the widow that there is a future free from overwhelming grief.  Here life will find a new normal, and we’re still here to help her walk with Christ in that new normal.

When did each of the ministries begin?

aNew Season is a for-profit ministry, founded by Kit Hinkle in 2013, with the purpose of reaching women with the message of the Gospel.

We reach readers from all walks of life, many of whom simply want to be encouraged in their walk with Jesus. Our goal is to provide that encouragement and more. We want to reach beyond this group and help those who have found their lives turned upside down, many times by events completely out of their control.  Besides the many unexpected struggles in life that touches most of us, widowhood is one that many of our readers have experienced.  aNew Season was birthed out of A Widow’s Might, to give widows a ministry to look forward to when the cloud of grief has lifted and they wish to find encouragement outside of the topic of widowhood.  Because as women, real healing comes when we see ourselves as women before God, not widows before God. aNew Season is there when a widow is ready to move forward, and A Widow’s Might will always be there when she still needs to address issues related to her loss.

A Widow’s Might which also does business as A New Season Ministries, Inc. and was founded in 2009, with the purpose of reaching widows with the message of the Gospel.

Churches and individuals are called by God to care for the widows and the fatherless, but many times aren’t quite sure how to help widows.  There are many small support groups available through church organizations, and many secular websites that minister to the emotional needs of widows using what psychology tools are available through research and experience.

BUT what’s needed for the long term healing and recovery of widows is a strong relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that can take the widow from the shock of fresh loss, through the difficult struggle of grieving, and into a new season, fresh and renewed to begin a purposeful life.

Our team of volunteer widowed Christian writers pray about what the Lord calls them to share with other widows and carefully watch the blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram feeds to assist and minister to widows.

We also hold retreats to further God’s ministering reach, and train other widows to join in the ministry of the Lord through writing, speaking, and facilitating lifegroups.

What other ministry blogs do you have planned for the future of A New Season Ministries, Inc.?

Any area of life that can throw a woman for a loop creates a possibility for ministry. Perhaps a young woman has found herself with an unwanted pregnancy. She’s not alone. There are many women who have found themselves in that place and found healing and guidance through Christ.

Financial loss is an area that women find themselves in, whether because of their own job loss or their husbands’.

Other areas include the loss of a child, or even the inability to have children. Consider these platforms for your ministry and then consider writing an article. We would love to have your perspective.

Who writes for aNew Season?

Our dedicated team of six ladies rotate, sharing one to two blog posts each month. Each of the ladies has extensive experience ministering to others. Together they represent many areas of life–younger mothers, business gals, empty nesters, artists, and ministry directors. All share the same love for Christ that renews their lives every day.

How can I write for aNew Season or A Widow’s Might?

The whole point of our ministry is to give you a platform to share and minister. When you tell your story to another woman going through similar circumstances, you minister, especially when they get to see what a difference Christ has made in you. Please come and apply here to become a guest blogger. We’d love to hear from you!

How can my organization advertise on aNew Season and A Widow’s Might?

Is your organization the kind that fits the character of our organization?  We’re talking the kind of integrity that puts ministering to those who need the Lord ahead of any other agenda.  Perhaps you’re an author with the kind of book or online ministry that would help our readers. If so, learn more about our process of reviewing your resource and what the sponsorship fees and opportunities would be.

You may have another service or product that fits with our readers and makes a clear statement that God is completely in your business.  If so, check with us and see what opportunities we have to offer. A New Season Ministries, Inc. depends on sponsorship to allow us to continue serving our readers, and we do so only if the sponsorship benefits your organization as well.