Come and be part of our online retreat we call aNew Season. A daily Christian devotion for women who want to embrace aNew beginning in their lives. We offer Christian prayer help, share Bible verses for women and provide Christian encouragement for women.

Imagine…a spring weekend retreat—during the season of new beginnings. This is what our website is, only rather than retreats you’ve attended with so many women who seem to fade into the crowd, this online retreat has a special invite list—each woman a lot like you—having had to start her life over again in some way.

stock-photo-10034610-breakYou get to hear our stories, share our experiences. And, pretty soon, you’ll realize most of us didn’t have a choice. We all had to restart our lives despite not being fully prepared for it.  And yet, here we are, together on a spring retreat, walking along, putting our toes in the baby grass, cozying up with a cup of java, worshiping the Lord and letting Him change us from the inside out—turning us late baby-boomers and older gen-xers into twenty-something’s again.

You know—that time when you were eighteen to twenty-four and young and had the world at your fingertips. Nothing could stop you. A tingle started in your heart every time you thought of your dream. It grabbed you, had you doing—imagining—creating—working!  Nothing stopped you because you had passion.

Now that you’re older, it’s not quite the same, but in a way it’s better: you have something much more valuable than youth…you have faith and wisdom. How many times can we remember back to high school or that time in our early careers when inhibition held us back?  We didn’t have what we have now—that faith and wisdom that only comes from God.

And if one of us doesn’t have that yet, well, that’s the purpose of our retreat. We have the chance to gather around her and introduce her to the one true Father, so that she can have it too. We can all feel more alive than we ever have before, but we don’t have to go back to when we were young.

We’re here!  And wherever we are planted in our new season, we can reach and be what God made us to be.  This is the best season of our lives.  It’s aNew season!


Our Beginnings

There is a reason we have more than one devotional blog on our page.  Read our story right here, and learn why we discovered the importance of celebrating new life and new seasons when ministering to those going through loss. God makes all things new!

Our Hope

aNew Season in your life begins with a hope in Christ.  Perhaps you already know that, but perhaps you haven’t decided on areas of your faith.  Either way, you’re welcome. We know that everyone comes from a different place with their faith, and it’s their relationship with God, not their religion that counts. But if you want to know where our smiles  that peace beyond understanding comes from, read about how we redeemed, even out of the worst of situations or choices, right here.

Our Writers

We have over a dozen writers writing for aNew Season and A Widow’s Might.  We’ve been a team for quite some time now and have developed close bonds between each other. You can meet them right here.

Our Retreats and Conferences

Many of us do retreats with our readers.  We hope to meet you at one of these soon! Come check out our retreat page right here!

Write Your Story

Become a Published Guest Writer on A Widow’s Might. We would love to hear from you. Learn all about that right here.

Our Blogs

Apart from the two main blogs in our ministry, aNew Season and A Widow’s Might, we feature an up-and-coming teen ministry, TE/ENgage,  which celebrates teens engaging in positive action after overcoming difficult times. These teens inspire us by leaning on the Lord and following His leading to begin new seasons of their own.  Read about the teen ministry blog right here.


Still have questions?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, and if you want to know more, we encourage you to contact us, and let one of our team members answer your questions.