These words were shared by our precious sister, Karen Emberlin, who journeyed to heaven this fall. 

One of our favorite things about our Care Bear, was spending time with her at our conferences.  Her kind-hearted grace and sweet spirit were such a blessing to each of us.  She was there to serve all of us and to glorify God, wanting no attention for herself. 

She wrote these words over a year ago, right before our Dallas 2015 conference.  She found AWM when she was deep in grief and unsure she had any reason to continue on.  But, God did have plans.  She joined us in the spring of 2013 and her writings resonated every time she shared her journey and the things God was teaching her. 

We love and miss her each and every day.  We pray her words about our conferences bless you as much as they continue to bless us. 

Are you looking for “true friends”, a sisterhood, who will understand this unwanted journey you are on?  Someone who understands and can share your tears and grief, but can also have fun and laugh with you?

When I began my journey of widowhood, it was difficult to find someone who really understood what I was going through.  Friends and family were kind and tried to help, but sometimes I felt like they just “didn’t get it”.   How could they know – they had never been on this journey of widowhood!

Early in my journey I found this ministry and it became my “life line”!  The articles I read described exactly the feelings and situations I was facing – these ladies really did “get it”!  Their words of encouragement gave me the glimmer of hope I needed to know that God’s love was still there for me – always!

Then, I became a team member and had the privilege of participating in each of our conferences.  What a joy to be able to meet face to face with other sisters and share our stories, our hurts, our tears, new accomplishments and also the joy we have in Jesus.  It was like we had known each other all of our lives – friendships were made that will last a lifetime!

~ Karen

Testimonials from those who have attended previous conferences:

Melanie – For the first time in this widowhood journey I finally felt like I was in a place where others truly understood my pain, my being where I am in my grief was ok, there was no judgment or wanting me to move forward or past Greg’s death. It’s like I felt an immediate bond/connection with all of you and it felt safe.  It’s so nice to have people who just “get it”!

Donna –  I finally found a group of people who knew what I had been going thru since I’d entered the new life of grief, it’s like being in a whole different world and not being able to communicate because they don’t understand your language, And also have a group who at least some of you can’t sleep so we can comfort each other thru long nights!

Lisa –  This widow’s conference was such a wonderful shared experience among all of us ladies. Thx leaders for following THROUGH with God’s leading. The beautiful sky over the water was just one of our shared benefits. ALL praise to Almighty God.

Terri- Attending the aNew Season conference in Myrtle Beach was one of the best things I did for myself as a widow. It blessed me so much that I couldn’t wait to sign up for the conference in Dallas and took a widow friend with me! There is a precious bond between all the women attending these conferences that you will not find anywhere else…a “knowing” each other’s hearts in a way that others cannot share. Go! You will not regret it!

10 Important Facts about our Denton Conference in April.

1. Location is at Camp Copass in Denton Texas, just a short distance from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.

2. Dates are: April 25-27, 2016

3. Conference sessions begin Monday early afternoon and close on Wednesday around noon.

4. It’s an all-inclusive place so food, lodging, and all conference fees are included.

5. Transportation to and from the airport is your responsibility. There are shuttles and taxis that are available.

6. You can walk to everything, so you will have no need for a car.

7. You can choose to room alone.  Single occupancy is $499. Or you can choose to room with someone.  Double occupancy is $399.

8.  Early bird registration only lasts until the end of March. Space is limited!

9. Camp Copass is a Christian retreat facility with hotel-like accommodations and is located on the serene and beautiful shoreline of Lake Lewisville.

10.You will be connected to a private facebook page for conference participants only.  That page will remain open once the conference concludes and that community will become your dear friends and confidants.


You can find out more information about the conference and register here: Register for our first conference of 2016


If you have any additional questions, please email us at:



6 replies
  1. Donna
    Donna says:

    What a blessing this conference will be to those beautiful sisters who are able to attend. I can not, but I will be praying. God has orchestrated this and He’ll show up! He’s already there, as His word tells us ‘He goes before us.’ There is nothing quite like being with other sisters who understand…your thoughts, pain, tears & struggles. Even after (almost) 4-years, my struggles continue & I love when God puts someone in my path who ‘gets it’. You don’t feel quite so invisible. One reason I am SO THANKFUL & BLESSED BY AWM/aNS. You are like a breath of fresh air to my hurting, searching heart. Thank you ALL. May God bless mightily.

    • Erika Graham
      Erika Graham says:

      Donna, thank you so much for your kind words and incredible encouragement. You’re a blessing, sister.

  2. Yolanda
    Yolanda says:

    I went to the S.C. conference, just 6 months after I lost my husband. I cried, I laughed, and I made new friends. I was strengthened listening to the stories of the speakers and guests. I found I was not alone, and that those who have suffered the same heartache as I had, who had experienced the same pain, doubt and fears and came out on the other side stronger. The knowledge that I would survive this horrible painful grief, help me continue to keep putting one foot in front of the other, at 6 months that was my biggest struggle.

    I am forever grateful that I went to this conference. Will be praying before and during this conference for all the women who travel this path…

    • Sheryl Pepple
      Sheryl Pepple says:

      Thank you Yolanda for sharing how much God blessed you by gathering with other widows. He is so faithful when we gather in His name! Thank you so much for being a prayer warrior for these women!


  3. Bettie
    Bettie says:

    Wish I was able to attend!! Sounds awesome!! As a widow at the age of 42, I had ( and 13 years later also!!) found it very hard to share, vent and weep with anyone, as all of my acquaintances had their spouses. They cared, hugged and offered advice but at the end of the day, they went home to their love, I went home to empty. Thank you for encouragement and your posts!!

    • Karen Emberlin
      Karen Emberlin says:

      Bettie, I understand what you are saying! It is so wonderful and important to have friends who “get it”! If you have any questions about the conference we could answer, please contact us. We would love to have you with us! Blessings to you!!
      Karen ~ AWM

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