a widows might jehovah widowhood support

Jehovah, I am

I am…

a woman

a daughter

an auntie

a friend

a sister

a cousin

a granddaughter

a teacher

a writer

a servant

a mom

a widow

I am a Jesus girl.

Have you ever considered all the things you are to those around you?

Have you considered what identities you lost with your husband’s death?

I sure did! For almost two years I focused most of my attention on the loss.  I focused on what I wasn’t. The list was long. Because I didn’t just lose him.  I lost all I was to him.  And all I was with him.

In one of Israel’s greatest times of need, we see Jehovah reveal Himself as the Great I Am for the first time to Moses.

Israel was in bondage in Egypt.  They had lost much.  Up to this point God had only revealed himself as the Creator God.

But now as He calls on Moses to return to Egypt, He says to tell them…


I AM the answer to your affliction. (Exodus 3)

He reminded the Moses.  He was active and present. Whatever the current need was, He was the “I am” provider for that need.

Do you know Him as active and present in your life?

Do you trust Him as the Great I Am?

I read a great devotional some time ago that said, “God is described as the becoming one, because He becomes what we need.”

Today, God says to us…

I am your healer. I am your husband. I am a Father to the fatherless. I am all you need.  I am an ever present help.  I am the lover of your soul. I am the Most High God. I am the Light out of darkness. I am the Good Shepherd.

I am what you need in this moment. In the next moment. In every moment.


Today, I encourage you to make your own list and use it to remind yourself as you walk this tough journey, Jehovah is the I AM, and He will become exactly what YOU NEED.

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