He IS Here

“He is not here for He has risen.” 

Matthew 28:6a (ESV) 

At twenty-seven-years-old, I felt like a tiger in the corporate world—on top of my game, headed for executive management. Looking back, I’m embarrassed now to admit, but without really knowing Christ, I was swelling with pride.

An executive had decided to carve out a new position for me. I was to work as a management consultant for his research and development organization and report directly to him. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for a young woman in the male-dominated auto industry.

I put on my best suit on day one of the new position and reported straight to his office.

But my leader, my mentor and key to my future was gone.

“He is not here,” his secretary told me. “He’s been promoted.”

I stood, speechless. So whom would I report to? Who would respect the consulting work I had been assigned to do if the top dog was now running a bigger show in a whole different building at our headquarters complex?

I suddenly felt alone and small in an uncompassionate corporate world.

I wonder how the two Mary’s in Jesus’s life felt after His crucifixion. He was their leader, their Savior, and now He was gone. All they had left of Him was His body in a tomb.

I imagine them coming to His grave—where else would they go with their leader gone? It’s natural to want to go back. To cling to the only thing that remained, the body in the tomb. Imagine the vulnerability they felt.

I was nowhere near that point of despair, but still found myself running for my mentor’s new office to ask for answers and direction. Whom was I to report to? Without the executive right there to back me up, how would anyone listen to me now?

But the apostles and the Mary’s were given their answer—first by an angel, and then by Christ Himself—encouraging them that Christ has risen. “He is not here,” the angel said in Matthew 28:6, “for He has risen.” Jesus then tells them as He ascends into Heaven that He will not leave them without the Holy Spirit to guide them. (John 14:26)

My mentor understood about Christ, and his faith in God came through in his answer. “I’ve given you all you need to start,” He said. You’ll continue to report to me, and we’ll talk occasionally, but will just have to rely on God’s direction for your day to day management.

And the coming year—one of the most impactful in my career. I forged friendships and helped working teams learn more about their business than ever before, preparing me for the management consulting career in my future.

It was a lesson in moving forward with the confidence knowing God is my mentor.

Sometimes we want that leader who has been guiding us all along in our lives to stay there—forever.

But they are there for seasons, just as Christ was here for a season, leaving His Spirit to stay with you as you live purposefully for His kingdom!

His Spirit is here!




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  1. Kristi Smith
    Kristi Smith says:

    Thank you for sharing this story of forging forward even in the face of uncertainty…Certain in God’s love and His leadership. “Sometimes we want that leader who has been guiding us all along in our lives to stay there__forever.” Your quote prompted me to remember that season right after my husband died that I suddenly felt like Robin without Batman. Everyone knows that Batman was the leader in that dynamic duo. My husband was the leader in our dynamic duo. How would Robin ever go on without Batman? How would Mrs. Smith go on without Mr. Smith?
    The role of the Holy Spirit became even more vital now that my husband had been promoted. My earthly husband could not lead me as before, but God did not leave me without guidance. My Heavenly Husband Jesus was intent on not leaving me stranded. He sent His Spirit to be with me; to love, lead, and guide me.
    Yes… it was dramatically different and extremely difficult learning how to do life without my dynamic duo partner, my husband, my love; but God is faithful in every season. He has deposited His own superpower into us called the Spirit.
    So even when my superhero husband died, I still had THE Superhero living in me___forever. I am grateful for God’s kindness to me and to all of us for not leaving us powerless. He is a great and gracious God.
    Dare to DREAM, Kristi Smith
    Author of “DREAM…a guide to grieving gracefully”

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