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Guide Me in Your Truth

I bought into the lie.

It crept in when I was unaware. I thought it was harmless.

It seemed like such a small, trivial thing.

Until it wasn’t.

Ok I am being overly dramatic but yesterday I was gently reminded of how easy it is to be deceived. My insight came as I started painting my kitchen. I realized I am a victim of those decorating shows on television. You know the ones that do a complete makeover in thirty minutes. Compared to some of the other stuff on television they seemed harmless. But yesterday I realized that over time my thinking had changed from watching those shows. I bought into the lie “it’s easy to change, it’s just paint.” That is until I yesterday when I started the task of painting my kitchen and realized that I have hours of work ahead of me, not only in the kitchen but in other rooms as well. Not quite as “quick and easy” as the shows make it seem.

As I began painting, I found myself wondering how many small trivial lies are we exposed to in a day? How do we protect ourselves from these so-called “trivial” lies that sometimes lead to bigger lies? I find myself more cautious about getting deceived in this new season in my life. I am in a new city and I feel more alone and exposed than I have in a very long time. But I know where my help comes from.

I am relying on God’s love more intimately in this season. I am no longer surrounded by the friends who so generously encouraged me in my journey over the years. But that’s ok. Because I have Him. He lives in me. He is my Counselor. He leads me. Today He led me to Psalm 25:4-5.

                Show me your ways, O LORD, teach me your paths;

                guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior,

                and my hope is in you all day long.

What a beautiful thing it is that the Lord of all creation lives in us and speaks to us through His Word.  We do not have to walk around in fear of being deceived, for our Lord is willing to teach and to guide us in His truth. Thank You Lord for Your grace and Your mercy!

Dear sisters, as you move forward in your new season ask God to show you His way, His path, His truth each and every day, because He is your God and He is willing!

Have a very blessed day, back to painting I go!                                                             

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  1. Evangelist Claudia Jordan
    Evangelist Claudia Jordan says:

    I was so encouraged to read your email. Thank you for sharing with us. God bless you, and please keep sharing with us as God led you. Its so encouraging to hear from others what God is doing now in this pocket of time. Our faith will keep us as we trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. You have blessed me. Thanks again.

  2. Nancy Gutwein
    Nancy Gutwein says:

    Good morning, I enjoyed your little devotional. It is a challenge to me. How easy the ways of the world can so subtly sneak in and change/warp our point of view in almost any area of our life. Your life has always been an inspiration to me.
    I truly appreciated the input that you had in Stephanies and Mark’s lives.
    Sounds like you moved. Closer to your daughters?
    Have a good day.

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